Hyperconnect crosses 1.3M+ app downloads with content marketing

Hyperconnect is a South Korean technology-based company that works in the field WebRTC, a real-time video communication technology. We worked with them for their flagship product Azar, a mobile and web-based application.

Goal: To boost download rate, in-app purchases in the region of India 


It's usual that the return on advertising spend goes down when ADs spending is increased.

But Mindbound's videos have the best result as it had the largest spending but achieved a better return on advertising spend than average at the same time.

- (Sophia) Hayan Yun, Business Development Manager, Hyperconnect

We created 20+ social media videos for them to be used across platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc.


Focus on details and perfection. Even when it is in the background.

Area of Focus:  

1. The scripts should work for the target group of audience

2. Help the brand identity get into the psyche of the audience

3. Exploration of different features through story-based videos

4. Projection of language and features of the target audience

5. Aggressive marketing efforts


We even chose furniture in the branding colour of Azar. It helped the brand identity get into the psyche of people.


They let me get involved in processes including casting of actors and locations 
over days. We also had a series of conference calls to agree on all the details down to what 
the actress would be wearing. In fact, their attention to details was beyond our expectation, 
for example they had chosen furnitures on the set in the branding color of Azar so that it 
would help the brand identity get into the psyche of people subconsciously. It all paid off 
in the ADs, followed by many hours of editing and re-editing.

- (Zoe) Jihye Yang, Business Development Manager, Hyperconnect


The app currently has 1.3M+ downloads on Playstore with more than 100 million calls every day. In-app purchases have increased and the company generates $200M+ profit this financial year.

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