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Bermuda crosses 10M+ app downloads and gets a 37% increase in paying users with content marketing.

Bermuda is an application that connects you to random friends around the world with a single swipe. You can meet new people, talk about life, culture, and maybe make new friends from the other side of the earth. Learn foreign languages, practice talking to them, and learn various skills together with your new friends. You will meet one of our many users face to face in real-time via your mobile camera.

They were facing two challenges. They are:

1. Increase the number of in-app purchases (Mostly done by male users)

2. Increase the number of female users to attract male users to the platform

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Mindbound Case Study.JPG

"It was really great experience working with Mindbound and it was even better because Mindbound already has experience producing video ads in the video chat industry so their level of understanding was higher than our expectations."

- David, Business Development Manager, Bermuda

We created 8 social media videos for them to be used across platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc. They were promoted to the target audience through paid advertising.

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Area of Focus:  

1. The scripts should work for the target group of audience

2. Help the brand identity get into the psyche of the audience

3. Exploration of different features through story-based videos

4. Projection of language and features of the target audience

5. Aggressive marketing efforts

Bermuda Mindbound Case Study (1).png
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The app currently has 10M+ downloads on Playstore with an increase of 37% in in-app-purchases with more than $700K monthly revenue.

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