Billion-dollar mining company KCCL won funding to grow internationally.

Kalinga Commercial Corporation Limited operates in the mining sector with proficiency in the development and operation of state-of-the-art open cast mines. They have their head office at Odisha, India, and work on several mining projects all across India. We helped them differentiate from existing mining companies and achieve their ambitious plans of growing internationally. 

Business Goal:

The company needed to expand globally and needs to showcase brand positioning, high-end resources, world-class assets. This will help them win investments from major investors.


Area of Focus:

1. Highlight the brand-story

2. Establish high-end assets and skilled workforce

3. Achievement of handling complex projects

4. Highlight company culture

5. Highlight social initiatives

6. Emphasize on being technology-heavy

Image by Le Vu 🇻🇳

"The output is excellent. We are very happy."

- Manaswini Samal, Director, KCCL


Structure of the Video:

In any video targetting B2B client base, the structure of the video carries the thoughts of the viewer and projects it in the needed direction. Following is the structure of the final film.

Production Details:

The schedule of the whole project was 51 days. The pre-production was of 6 days. The production (shooting) was completed in 10 days over 6 locations. The post-production was completed in 35 days including due amendments requested by the client. A crew of 8 people handled the production and a technician team of 12 people handled the post-production.

Final Output:

The final output was approved without correction. The video is showcased on their website. The video is also used to pitch to investors, clients, recruitment drives and major conferences.

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