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9 Most Appealing Types of Video Content for Businesses That Viewers Love to Watch

Do you know businesses using videos grow their revenue 49% faster than the organisation without.

Data suggests that video’s ability to reach, educate and inspire audience fuels impressive growth for companies who invest in it.

We’ve gathered a list of of videos your business can create in order to promote your product, service and grow your audience. 

  1. Product videos

  2. Live action videos

  3. Sales presentations

  4. Testimonial videos

  5. Company Culture videos

  6. Live-stream videos

  7. Teaser for social media

  8. Documentaries

  9. Corporate videos

Product Videos:

Are you selling any product or service, which is not easy to explain concisely?

Product Videos generally engage audience by showing features, benefits, and of course demonstrates how it works. It is important that your potential client should see what you offer in action. Product videos have been proven to work. A study states that visitors who see product videos are 85% more likely to buy the product.

Video Length:

Your product video should generally run in between 2-5 minutes for the best result.

Production Time:

Product videos often plays an influential role on businesses’ website. It can take multiple revisions and lengthy production time.

Live action Videos:

Live action videos generally involve shoot in real time. The commercials you see on the television are the perfect example of live action videos. The advantages of live action videos involve authentic and informative tone. The best part is, they provide a humanizing feeling, that communicates emotion quickly.

Video Length:

Though it completely depends on the business requirement, the Live action video generally have a running time in between 1-5 minutes.

Production Time:

As Live action videos are the primary asset of business, it should be given a week or two to get them perfectly right. These kinds of videos are more dynamic and engaging.

Presentation videos:

These kinds of videos are weapon of sales secret. Animated-sales presentation videos are effective on their own ways. Your potential client can watch your sales pitch on their own time. Not only, it can get you appreciation from the prospect, but also, they can get more of the information out of it.

Animated- sales presentation videos are cost effective, and proven to be given good results in closing the sales. These kinds of videos generally require 5 simple steps:

  • Introduction

  • Problem statement

  • Value statement or Solutions offering

  • Social Proof or Testimonial

  • Summary & Call-to-action

Video Length:

3 minutes are the idle time duration. This will allow you to get into the right level of detail and finish off with a call to action.

Production Time:

It many take a day or two to put together all information from end to end. The best part about sales-presentation video is, it persuades your target audience with storytelling.

Testimonial videos:

Testimonial videos are when a customer shares their experience of working with your organization, and advocates for your product or service. A good testimonial video is filmed in a comfortable environment and features a few interview questions which help your customer, express positive experience with your product or service.

Video Length:

Testimonial video generally falls within the 5-7 minutes window.

Production Time:

It can take up to 1-2 days of time. Depending upon whether or not to travel to shoot footage.

Company Culture Video:

If you want to give customers a sense of your organization’s values, mission, vision and team members, a video showcasing your culture is a better choice.

These videos can be used for recruitment purpose., to show the employee your work environment. These videos collectively act as behind the scenes both as individual and company.

Video Length:

The average video length can be in between 2-3 minutes.

Production Time:

These videos can ramp up your social media engagement. It can take up to 5 days of time for the complete production.

Live-stream videos:

These kinds of video possess endless possibilities. If your business, organization is already hosting a conference, conducting seminars or events, you can easily turn these events into live stream to reach out to a wider audience.

S, wondered where to stream, or come live? Well, Facebook, Instagram are the platform providing Live streaming option to the users. If you already have a presence on social media, the streaming can fasten up your working procedures.

Video Length:

It is dependent on the event, conference, or seminar you are conducting. These are the best way for people to attend virtually.

Production Time:

In most of the cases, there is no involvement of post productions. You can directly capture and broadcast keynotes and seminars.

Teaser video for social media:

With so many kinds of videos available to show case you’re your business, this can promote your campaign, product or service. Social media has brought new life into teaser campaigns. Now, short video clips have the potential of going viral and reaching a massive audience around the world.

Video Length:

Generally, the preferable duration is 30-40 seconds. You can make it quirky to grab the audience attention.

Production Time:

Depending on the scope of your campaign, teasers can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours to create. Most of the work is done on a editing tool by using existing footage.


Documentaries are a stunning way of sharing a business story, about the people and community around it. The benefits of documentary style video can go beyond a simple video and can form a connection between business and its followers, which money can’t buy. Documentaries are bets on your own creativity and capability to investment in your brand. These videos can help promote your culture.

Video Length:

Generally, the run time of documentary varies in between 30-40 minutes.

Production Time:

It requires a bigger team to complete effectively. It might take the time between 1-3 months.

Corporate video:

Do you want to make your brand more memorable to your clients?

You will be amazed to know that; a corporate video can get you more traffics, can rank your site better on search engine, improve your brand awareness, convert visitor into clients. Also, it can be fun and attractive.

Video Length:

It can be in between 2-4 minutes, depending upon the requirement.

Production Time:

It may take one to two weeks to complete the production.

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