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Already have a video for your brand? Learn what to do next.

Creating a video for your business takes talent, dedication, time and resources. After all this being put into getting your business video done and ready, after all the blood and sweat being put into it, that when the biggest problem awakes. The biggest problem is the promotion strategy. This is the big piece of the puzzle that is most time being overlooked by business owners.

Perhaps, you’re really good at promoting website contents and you think it’s the same as promoting and marketing videos, no; promoting video is a whole new beast. Below are outlined video marketing strategies to get your video view all the way to the top so that the effort of production wouldn’t be in vain.

1. Video Campaign On Social Media

Actually, there’s no better was to make people watch your video than giveaways, offer them something for free. And the best place to do this is on the internet, the social media where people are willing to spread the new of giveaways to the world. When they click on the giveaway links it instantly drives them to your landing page and ultimately makes some people want to play your video.

2. Provide Share Buttons On Your Video Player

We all know how powerful the internet is especially how multi-connected the social media is. In fact, majority of the world populace start and end their day on maybe Whatsapp, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. This is saddening, but true, and that the more reason why you need to ensure your video can be easily shared on these platforms.

3. Ask For People To Help Share Your Video

Asking people to share your video might look like a lot, so it seems, but I can assure that if you give it a shot, you know notice that you have some people that might actually be willing to help you promote and that’s enough.

"So ask people and as well ask some contacts who are closely connected to your target market, this move is consider to be a very bold and strategic one. Engage with people, try, because you never can know who is connected to who and one single share could go a long way. Don’t limit yourself when doing this."

4. Add Video to your Email Marketing

Adding the word “video” in your email subject could boost its open rates by 19%, view rates by 65% and reduces non-subscribers by 26%. These stats where gotten by Animoto (a business blog).

Inclusion of a video thumbnail into your email surely will also boost the engagement of that email. So it’s advisable for one to try as much as possible to marry videos to their email marketing efforts, it is going to be worth it.

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5. Pin Your Business Video To The Top Of Your Feeds

Pinning a tweet to the top of your personal profile or your company’s twitter feeds, you make sure that the tweet doesn’t get lost in your recent posts. This will also increase the engagement to videos.

According to buffer, pinning a twitter post can lead to a 10X increase in its views and conversions. This is a very free and easy way to achieve the goal of getting more views, so if you have a twitter account, pin your video and sit back and watch the magic happen.

6. Post Your Video On Online Communities

Most importantly, you should be actively engaged in the realms of sharing your video through online communities like, LinkedIn groups, Reddit, twitter chat, etc.



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