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Buyer's Persona & How to Research it [Research Template Included]

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

An essential element for the successful marketing of any business is Buyer’s Persona; a fictional customer profile derived from customer data collected through research and an in-depth analysis of buying trends and insights in order to facilitate a creative target market strategy to help businesses relate to their customers as real humans, drives content creation and branding, product development, sales follow up and all matters relating to customer acquisition and retention as a consequence exponentially increase their sales.

Creating A Buyer Persona:

There are a number of steps that go into creating a buyer persona, the first and one of the most essential of which is to divvy up your audience segments and begin carrying out market research. This will help you get a gauge on who your customers are, what their wants and needs are and what problems they need you to solve.

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1. Through Market Research:

You can conduct market research in a number of ways; social media polls and surveys, interviews on a one-to-one basis, observing the way your competitor interacts with their buyers, personalized campaigns. More specifically, this can include combing through your contacts database to try and identify trends in the way customers locate your content, creating forms on your website to capture persona information, analyzing and interpreting the feedback from the sales team.

- A key element in this process is also selecting the people you will be interviewing which should include but not be limited to good and bad customers, prospective customers, referrals and even third-party networks.

2. Observing trends:

The next step, not necessarily in a chronological order, is observing the trends in your site analytics. Site analytics are full to the brim with data; keywords used to locate your site, how long people stayed, what they looked at, etc., the kind of data which gives you essential details to tailor your buyer persona.

3. The Final Step:

The third step is to create a buyer persona template which gives a detailed summary of your findings and groups all the data that you have collected, which includes customer demographics, personalities and techniques to equip your sales team with. Then it arranges that data in a systematic and strategic manner to materialize your buyer persona and present it in an organized and palatable format that includes an elevator pitch to target that specific persona.

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The importance of an accurate and effective persona is overwhelmingly high, for any business. A business that can develop and take advantage of a strong persona can burgeon their sales and activity.

Example: One of the best examples to prove this is Jet Blue, whose fun, conversational tone as a part of their marketing strategy greatly appealed to their key buyer persona. Thus, by redefining their marketing strategy, Jet Blue was able to increase their profit 7.9% in 2016 from the previous year. Having established the importance of a buyer persona, businesses should strive to create at least three key buyer personas to help create customer-friendly content, branding and launch campaigns that appeal to your audience and drive up your sales.

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