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The phrase "be yourself the change you want to see in the world" has been awarded again and again to Mahatma Gandhi. Whether he has said it or not, we will never know; regardless, whoever the author is, he or she would be proud to see how these young people are designing the world in which they want to live from their work and enthusiasm.

With the freshness typical of the age and their minds filled with innovative ideas, these young people, year after year, give life to their own ventures thinking of changing their lives, and with it, their way of working, but on the way, they have allowed themselves to make changes in the world.

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With this series of listings, that recognize the 30 most outstanding entrepreneurs of different categories, Forbes seeks in some way to reward the talent and daring of those who dare to undertake. But also, highlights services that in one way or another, achieve a change in all corners of the earth.

Their ideas have allowed them to raise millions of dollars, create companies, platforms, and applications that can be described as completely innovative, and give light to areas both uncertain but necessary to our forms of consumption. And best of all ... Many of these innovators are between 14 and 29 years old!

We are sure that you must be asking: but how do you enter this list? What regulations or criteria are taken into account?

The first thing you should know is that this magazine receives approximately 15,000 nominations, of which only 600 go to the consideration of a specialized jury, and only 30 are presented as the best. Being on this list is more difficult than entering Stanford or Harvard because the admission rate is lower than the one offered by these universities.

Now that you know this, we will tell you the rules that must be met and the criteria that judges take into consideration to enter this prestigious list ...


• Forbes analyzes the accounts, individual and/or consolidated, of each of the groups, as well as the movements in the patrimonial societies, to quantify as accurately as possible the real percentage of the company's capital and the real value of their shares.

• The company must not be older than seven years.

• To participate in the selection, it is essential that you accept the publication of the company's actual billing.

• A scanner of the current and future market share of the organization is carried out, and the shares of all the shareholders and directors are taken into consideration.

• Also, their participation in companies quoted abroad, such as London, Luxembourg, Chile, Mexico, France, and the United States.

• Purchase transactions, valuations of companies and participation of all members with a leading role.

• Investments in tax havens, personal assets, current accounts, deposits and participation in investment funds, future pension plans or shares in securities accounts are not taken into account. And why is this not considered? Because it would be impossible to trace legally, and what Forbes seeks, is to have the maximum precision, which cannot be obtained if these values are also analyzed.

• In the same way and equally important, the social impact is measured, the impact on the environment and the impact on the field in which it operates (Technology, Health, Safety, Sports, Etc.).

If after reading this post, you feel you have what it takes to innovate and be a part of this list, remember that Forbes looks for companies that work as examples of the new DNA of the business, as Forbes is more than convinced that the worldwide entrepreneurial community, it’s going through a crucial moment and it is time to recognize companies with the potential to become the new protagonists of the corporate landscape.

And finally, another fact that you should always keep in mind is that in this world, more than 50% of the Gross Domestic Product is generated by small and medium-sized companies and that this number is increasing year after year, so, why not be a part of this increasing number?

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