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During goal settings, you would what to be sure to set both short-term and long-term goals because at first you might not know which is better for you. Short-term goals are goals that are designed to be fully achieved in a short period of time. Long term goals are the goals with a large time frame of execution. A long term goal is considered to be long term when it takes six months or longer to be achieved.

"Why are long term goals better than short term goals?"


Short-term goals are very appropriate and better in getting you the results you want because they are specific, brief and can be attained fully within a month or some months but on the other hand Long-term goals are obviously different. Long term goals are not really about immediate results but its more about motivation and consistency. Long term goals are great motivators because they allow one to imagine the kind of future expected and motivate one to achieving it.

Do you find earning an additional $500 (short term) exciting or earning $500,000 (long term) in your own business, and living your dream life to the fullest? Which sounds more exiting? I guess you know the answer.


The major set-back for short-term goals is that they are very exact, direct and the time frame you have to accomplish them are short, this alone limits your creativity. Short term goals don’t give you enough time and space to think outside the box and try doing something different. This forces you to think about the current resources you have at hand rather than helping you come up with a long-term plan to achieve your ultimate goals. Short-term goals limit your thinking of what lies in front of you is enough and doesn’t allow you to get a focused lens on the larger picture.


Short term goals are of course very effective. This is because you already know what to do and how you can get past each day without wasting much of your time trying to figure out what to do. Short-term goals make you more productive and constructive, and they help you to get things done faster.

On the other hand, long-term goals may not be as fast and productive as the short-term ones, but long-term goals are purposeful. And this means that they decide where you’re headed in life. It is a very challenging task when aim to breakdown your long term vision into actionable pieces.

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One of the most crucial way to create growth is by creating as much valuable content as possible and leave them for the world to find. The internet is one of the best resources we can find to share our knowledge.

You can share your knowledge by teaching - teaching anything that you are doing. Suppose you are into SEO, you can teach about SEO. Suppose you are into software development, start teaching how to code and you will generate most of your business with the help of those video.

"Teaching what you know positions you as the expert."

The algorithm of the social media platforms are built in a way to drive traffic to your profile if you are providing content in a regular basis. There is always an audience if you have a story to tell.


Today morning we received a mail from one of my previous clients for who we created a branding video for. He is the founder of a startup and now thinking of serious growth. From the whole mail I appreciated how he has come to the realization of what makes product sale. I'm quoting him word to word:

"I have just realized that overall it's the brand that sells not the product."

I couldn't agree more. It is up to you how you want to do it, how you want to charge for your services. But going the long term way needs present sacrifices and grand success comes to those who are prudent and can hustle.

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