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As a consequence of digital transformation, Content Marketing has become a strategy that’s committed to introducing more personalized formats that awaken the consumer’s interest. An important type of information of this strategy is the instructive content such as the How-To blog posts that generate clients, traffic and conversions.

Digital content such as online videos is a useful technique that usually includes clips with educational content on the most interesting aspects of a product. Several recent studies have revealed that instructional videos deserve more attention than any other content category.

For these reasons, digital content is an unbeatable opportunity for small and medium-sized companies to gain visibility, by adapting the content to what users are consuming. Nowadays, a large number of companies use or have used videos with instructional content as a marketing tool. In the coming years, 85% of global companies will increase their audiovisual content.

Social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, day after day improve and expand their options to continue being the great allies to promote the audiovisual content of companies, as well as YouTube that also allows users to comment on the content.

Some interesting facts about the video content:

• According to Cisco, the videos will represent 80% of internet traffic by 2019.

• On Facebook, 8 billion views are generated every day.

• The combination of social networks and video give companies greater access to their customers. And with the growth of mobile use, it is possible to broadcast and tune videos more easily.

• Most users retain more information when viewing a video than reading.

· In the Americas, 90% of users believe that watching a video related to the product helps the purchase decision.

The relevance of the use of video as a content strategy has led many brands to develop marketing plans increasingly focused on this format. For this, companies are creating specialized departments in the production of this type of content or choose to recur to professionals in the field through consulting service. In any case, the goal will always be to increase positioning, increase traffic and earn greater corporate visibility.

Now, let’s highlight the advantages of using video as a content marketing strategy:

Increases traffic to your company's website: The video clearly shows the benefits of your service or what your product is capable of. If the audiovisual content captivates the user, the record of visits to the web will show figures of potential clients, also helping to increase credibility and improve the quality traffic.

Improves positioning: Videos improve positioning by generating a greater number of visits to the website and different profiles of a company. Any SEO professional knows the importance of using video to achieve a good position in Google searches.

Improves brand recall: Videos that impact and are appealing to users make it easier for the user not only to remember the video, but also to remember the brand.

It multiplies the reputation of the brand: Videos are an excellent tool to improve the reputation and prestige of a brand. The user will see the effort to generate content in multiple formats, and that way you can become a reference in the sector to which you belong.

It generates loyalty among your customers: Videos that are part of a good content marketing plan, make your customers and potential customers to access them repeatedly.

It is a simple and economic resource: With a simple camera and a little creativity any company can create a video that captures the attention of users. Platforms like Youtube or Vimeo are not difficult to use, and then you can increase your diffusion.

These advantages have led many companies to adopt audiovisual marketing strategies with instructional content, that allows making innovative, attractive videos that generate excitement to users. This way, virality, visibility, recognition and new business options will be guaranteed.


What did you think of the article? Don’t wait any longer to boost your results, implement video marketing in your strategy and see for yourself the power of this fabulous technique. Following these recommendations, I assure you that nothing can go wrong.

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