Service that we provide most often.

Corporate Video

Everything about your company in 5 minutes or less. Useful in closing high-value deals, investment rounds and increase valuation of your company.

Presentation Video

Turn your presentation into an interesting video;

book more sales meetings and grab investors' attention.

Educational Video

From "How-To" videos to educational social media content - we've got you covered.

Testimonial Video

Letting a satisfied customer talk about your services can be a great way to get a prospect’s attention as customers often trust what their peers have to say about a product or service.

Recruitment Video

Useful to any firm trying to attract star-performers to their company. Usually 3 minutes long, reflects company's working culture, value and a sense of purpose.

Social Media Videos

It's a must-have for any brand who understands the importance of building an audience online.

Explainer Video

The most popular option, perfect for early-stage video marketing, usually under 2 minutes in length.


Top-of-the-funnel video, perfect for generating awareness, and promoting a specific offer. Around 30 seconds long, played in both television and web.

Event Video

An event might end but the documentation of an event doesn't. From corporate presentation to CSR activities; build your company profile.

Product Video

A product video is one that explains and visually exhibits a product's tangible benefits. value proposition and how it solves problems.

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